Music Production

studioMAUMAN STUDIOS has been fulfilling demand for music , sounds, and voice-over work for radio, TV, and video games for over 6 years now. Songwriting and production of new material is our main focus. Mauman Studios are powered by Cakewalks’ Sonar 8; fueled by PreSonus interface; channeled with Audio Technica Microphones, and originated with the warmth of PreSonus Tube pre-amp. Keeping the peace is Peavey’s dual 15 band Q215 equalizer with FLS, dbx’s 266XL Compressor/Gate, not to mention all the ‘virtual synths and effects’ that open the door to endless possibilities. Always with a nod to the future of music, I explore the realms of ‘ sound imagineering’. New things are on the horizon for this up and coming studio and it’s talent.

Here is a small sample of  what we can provide.

One World  (World Influenced Underscore)

Departure  (Electronic Underscore)

The Waiting (Piano Suspense Cue)

World Cuisine  (World Influenced Underscore)

Find the Truth  (Symphonic Underscore)

Suspense Que #1  (Piano Suspense Cue)